Man’s skull represents the same infinity for the movement of conceptions. It is equal to the universe, for in it is contained all that sees in it. Likewise the sun and whole starry sky of comets and the sun pass in it and shine and move as in nature. Is not the whole universe that strange skull in which meteors, suns, comets and planets rush endlessly?
- «God is not cast down», Malevich, 1922;

We have added a new section with aphorisms/quotations by Kazimir Malevich. Check it out here!


A great interpretation of a picture by Kazimir Malevich named «Airplane Flying», created by a German artist and designer Stefan Bürke. Stefan says:

I tried to go beyond this painting, showing in a subtle way the further developement and its connections with the work of the russian artist El Lissitzky.

Stefan’s Webpage

I have found this video with help of Steve Mehallo (@mehallo), who tweeted it and posted the video in his blog.

(By the way, the same picture serves as the basic picture in our app.)


Malevich app has been updated yesterday to version 1.0.1. We fixed a rather nasty bug, and – hooray! – by now no other bugs have been found or reported! We’ve also tweaked design on some windows.

Please don’t forget to update your app ;)

As for the upcoming updates, we are currently adding some shiny social integration (with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr – and a couple more resources.) Adding that would give even greater opportunities for letting your friends see your great avant-garde works!


Today Malevich has been finally released to the App Store.

Malevich is the first application of its kind, bringing the world of suprematic creation at user’s fingertips.

It employs the easy-to-master yet powerful technique, developed by the world-famous avant-garde artist and innovator Kasimir Malevich. He used specifically shaped and colored pieces of paper, which he assembled into composition, and after copied it onto canvas. Malevich is built on the same principle, which has been sort of «reverse engineered» and reemployed to be easily used on the iPad. Users can manipulate elements disassembled from the original canvases of Kasimir Malevich, and in a matter of minutes arrange them into their own suprematic masterpieces.

Do you spend much time in the underground or on the bus? Why not use this time to create some great pictures and send them to your friends? Now it is as easy as a couple of taps and a number of gestures. Malevich would be great for all art-lovers and artists – even for those, who have only 5 spare minutes for art. Moreover, it can be a great hands-on experience in composition and balance for art, photography and design students.

Begin your creative journey into the Suprematism together with Malevich. For a single dollar coin. 0.99$ on the App Store.


After almost half-year design and development, we gladly announce that Malevich is finally ready to hit App Store!
It will be available for purchase by the end of August 2011. Stay tuned! :)

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